The vegetables They are of the legume family of which the dry seed plant containing a high proportion of essential amino acids and are plant foods higher in protein are obtained. They are also characterized by their content of carbohydrates and fiber, rich in certain vitamins and minerals, and do not contain saturated fat.
White bean, pinto bean, Fabada bean, garbanzo Tierno, garbanzo Pedrosillano, garbanzo Lechoso, Extra duckweed, lentil Pardina, lentil Verdina, Black bean, Alubia Residence, Blackeye, Red lentil, Red Lentil Partida, Pea Green Party, Yellow Pea Party, Maíz Pop Corn, Items beans and beans Extra.
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In MIAU we know that develop vegetables sometimes it is somewhat laborious why we have created a range of cooked vegetables ready to use directly on their plates. Our cooked vegetables have the exact fucking cooking and can use both cooked in autumn-winter and refreshing salads in spring-summer.
White bean, pinto bean, Extra chickpeas, Garbancitos “MIAU”, Extra lentils, Fabes Extra, South garbanza, Judión Farm, Beans with Vegetables, Chickpeas with vegetables and chickpeas with spinach format 580 ml and Chick peas or beans Extra 3 Kilos.
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Hand in hand with farmers from our region, The Community of Madrid, we present this chickpea, from certified seed, with great culinary properties. We are not only talking about a chickpea grown and harvested in the Community of Madrid, but also of some varieties selected and adapted to the edaphoclimatological conditions in our region, preserved and recovered by the Madrid Institute for Rural Research and Development, Agrarian and Food (IMIDRA).

We offer you a product 100% Madrid certified with the guarantee mark M certified product, distinctive with which the Community of Madrid wants to guarantee the origin and quality of its agri-food products.

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Our Organic Legumes come from fields whose agricultural production is natural and does not use synthetic chemicals, as pesticides, chemical herbicides, artificial fertilizers or growth hormones, ni OMG (genetically modified organisms). Without forgetting to respect sustainability with the environment. Which contributes to the creation of a much healthier product.
All of our products have the Certificate of the Ecological Agriculture Committee (FALL) and the certificate of European Organic Farming.

Organic Legumes “MIAU”,Organic Chickpeas "MIAU",Organic Lentils "MIAU",Ecological Quinoa "MIAU",Organic Cooked Beans "MIAU", y Organic Cooked Lentils "MIAU" and Organic Cooked Chickpeas "MIAU".

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The rice It is the second most cultivated cereal after wheat, in Spain Levante area is the largest production. Provides a lot of calories and protein and contains no gluten so it is an ideal food for celiacs.
Round rice, arroz Racionero, Basmati rice, rice Pump, Parboiled rice Long rice and format 1 Kilo and Special Hospitality 5 Kilos.

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The flour is the fine powder obtained from ground grain. The most common is wheat flour but also corn flour, rye, barley, avena, and even rice and beans chickpea.
Because of the numerous flours and possibilities MIAU We have selected the most suitable meal for every occasion: cooking and baking, fried and breaded fish or.
Cooking and Pastry flour, Fritos flour and fish flour batter and formats 1 Kilo and special hospitality 5 Kilos.
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The semolina is a coarse meal is little ground, Wheat is our case, but also other cereals, It is ideal for making mass, and for the manufacture of pasta like spaghetti, vermicelli, fettuccine, noodles and other.
Sometimes we have little time to cook so the mashed potatoes flaked is ideal to solve any garrison devoting just a few minutes, what it takes to boil water or milk and add potato flakes.

Hominy format 750 grs and special hospitality 4 Kilos and mashed potatoes format 330 grs and special hospitality 3 Kilos, 10 kilos and 25 Kilos.
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The bread crumbs generally we used for breading or batter food, give more body to a filling or crunchy texture to a gratin among other things. In MIAU we know we are not always stale bread at home or time to grate why we do it for you.
Grated Bread and Bread Crumbs Garlic-Parsley format 250 grs, 500 grs and special hospitality 5 Kilos.
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They defined with the name of pasta, all products obtained by drying a non sourdough made with semolina, semolina or flour from durum wheat, semihard or soft wheat wheat or mixtures thereof and water. In MIAU only we use durum wheat 100%
normal pasta and 3 flavors format 500 grs and special hospitality 5 Kilos and ribbons Nest egg or spinach in special format hospitality 3 Kilos.
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There is a kind of food that are so good for health, so rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants; and they contain so many extraordinary healing properties that are called superfoods. In MIAU I presentramos Quinoa, chia and amaranth.
White quinoa, red quinoa, quinoa black, amaranth and chia format 500 grs.
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